Media matching rules

Because now companies install one snippet to all websites user needs provide information how UserReport script will understand on what website it runs, so invitation and survey should be customized with this media settings.

There is two basic models of understanding:

  1. Configuring in UserReport interface URL-based rules of media recognition
  2. Embedding mediaId in page source

Let's take a closer look into each option

URL-based rules

In simple mode you should give us your website address - for instance We will automatically remove www and treat traffic from all subdomains as traffic to this media. For instance your website subdomains form mobile version of your website - so traffic will be mapped.

For more complex scenarios we allow to provide specific rules, like domain matches, URL starts with etc.

Embedding mediaId

This options is very straight forward:

  1. You create media
  2. In Advanced mode of "Define" step you will get snippet to instal to <head> section of website, like:
    <meta name="userreport:mediaId" content="023f06e4-2528-4b91-91f9-226079954626" />
  3. Add this piece of code to your website or though Google Tag Manager, and make sure that it is placed before UserReport main script.

However this setup eliminates advantages of having company centric script so use it only if you have very strong arguments for it - for instance you have multiple languages on same domain and language is stored in cookie only, so there is no other way except writing some code on backend to choose mediaId depending on cookie value.



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