Deploying company-centric script using Google Tag Manager

The company-centric snippet is single AudienceProject script created for your account and carries features you are using.

Typically it looks

<script src="" 
async id="userreport-launcher-script"></script>

By default, this script has UserReport functionality but may carry functionality to measure DoubleClick For Publisher Campaigns, provide targeting data to Ad-server you are using, measure audience for Kits or any other functionality you have subscribed to have.

In the ideal scenario that script needs to be added to the <head> section of a website. Please note that this script is marked as async so it will not block page rendering until executed, so it is safe to deploy like this.

If you are using AudienceProject solutions related to ads-measurement or prediction, that is one thing to keep in mind - script needs to be loaded before ads are requested from an ad-server.

That is possible to achieve by deploying the code through Google Tag Manager and there is a detailed step-by-step guide how to do that.


1. Navigate to your workspace in Google Tag Manager and press "New Tag"

2. Configure the tag

  • Name: AudienceProject Tag
  • Press "Tag Configuration"
  • Select "Custom - Custom HTML" tag type

3. Paste your company snippet into appeared editor

4. Setup "Advanced settings"

Please give it a high priority, like 1000 or higher so it is executed as early as possible.

And setup to fire only once per page.

5. Then setup triggering

Press on "Triggering" and choose "All Pages" in appeared dialog


5. Save the tag

6. Preview your tag before publication or publish



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