Adding context information to Ideas and Bugs

When analyzing customers feedback it is important to understand in what context user leaves it. UserReport provides device and browser information, however in some cases it might be not enough and you would like to know:

  • is user registered or not
  • if registered, on what plan it is - free or premium?
  • what is his user ID
  • is anything in her or his shopping card?

We allow to add context information to user's feedback through UserReport snippet. Here is example:

var userContext = { "userId": 123, "accountType": "premium" }; // composing context object

// If separated from main snippet we need to ensure that _urq is defined
window._urq = window._urq || [];
// Set context information
_urq.push(['setFeedbackForumMetadata', userContext]);

After user submitted idea or bug you can get context information inside UserReport interface


We don't do any transformation of passed object, so you may compose any object that describes context of your user and gain more insights into his feedback.

If you embed Feedback Forum into IFrame or compose link to it dynamically you can also send context information, using metadata parameter, here is example:

var userContext = { "userId": 123, "accountType": "premium" };
var staticLink = "";
var feedbackUrl = staticLink + "#metadata=" + encodeURIComponent(JSON.stringify(userContext));

By privacy policy it is prohibited to put Personally identifiable information (like e-mail or phone address) into context.



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