Install UserReport in Google Tag Manager

If you are using Google Tag Manager to handle scripts and tags on your website, you may also install the UserReport script through Google Tag Manager.

Installing the UserReport script using Google Tag Manager:

In the following guide we're assuming that you have already installed Google Tag Manager on your website. If you're NOT already using Google Tag Manager you can install UserReport the classic way or read more about getting started with Google Tag Manager

  1. Add a new tag and choose the "custom HTML tag" as tag type
  2. Get your personal UserReport script from the settings menu at your UserReport account or the e-mail you received
  3. Insert the script as shown below
  4. Press Continue and choose fire on 'All Pages', to let Google know that you want the UserReport script to load on all pages

  5. Click 'Create Tag' to save and give the tag a name. 
  6. Press Publish in the upper right hand corner of the page, preview your changes and click Publish now

That's it - you just created a tag containing your UserReport script and published it to your website using Google Tag Manager.

Test it: It’s very easy to test if your implementation works! Simply put ?__urp=test_invite after your website URL in the browser – like

This will open your website and force the survey to appear for testing purposes – if you have implemented the script correctly. Please note that the survey runs in demo-mode when forcing it to appear using this method. This means that answers won’t be saved.



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