Will users see the survey multiple times?

No! Every time the invitation is shown, the systen places a 'cookie' in the user´s browser. This cookie registers the user's response and whether the user should be invited  to participate in the survey or not. After the response has been registered, the user will be 'quarantined' so that no invitations will be shown to this person/computer within the quarantine period.

Read about the quarantine rules in detail here

Avoiding user-fatique

This system has proven to be incredibly effective in terms of avoiding user-fatigue. You also control the frequency of how often you want to invite users to the survey. Many websites are surveying a high percentage of their visitors. You can do that as well, but without being afraid to hassle your visitors – because we respect a ‘No, thanks’.

Respecting the user

UserReport keeps track of those users who don't want to participate in the survey. We do this using a mix of different browser and cookie technologies. If a user has rejected to participate in the survey on any website using UserReport, he or she will NOT be invited to participate in another survey for at given period of time. The same goes for users who has already completed the survey. By respecting the users’ choice in the first place, it is our experience that they will reward us with higher response rates in the long run.

Treat the users as you want to be treated yourself – that's the filosophy of UserReport.



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