Setup your Google Analytics integration

With our release in April 2016 it has become exceptional easy to integrate your UserReport account with your Google Analytics account. This is done in just three simple steps.

Go to the "Google Analytics" tab in UserReport settings.

  1. Click the button to activate the Google Analytics integration and then click to connect with your Google Analytics account. 
    You will now be prompted på Google Analytics to login and accept to give UserReport access to the data. UserReport uses this access to send your UserReport data to Google Analytics and to generate the reports you can see in UserReports Google Analytics section.
  2. Now select the Google Analytics account you wish to integrate with.
  3. Finally you can select the questions you want to send to Google Analytics. This step is optional, and you can still enjoy the powerful Google Analytics reports in the UserReport interface without sending any extra dimensions.

    These questions will be available in Google Analytics as Dimensions.
    You can either choose to use old Dimensions (not recommendable if these are still in use for other data sources) or create new Dimensions.




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