How to read your Google Analytics reports

With Google Analytics and UserReport you can get a better understanding of your different user segments. And you can get it directly in our new improved interface. 

We have six different reports. 

    1. Dashboard. This will give you the overall numbers of your account.
    2. Device Trends. Which devices are your traffic coming from? Desktop, tablet or mobile?
    3. Audience. You can break your users into segments based on your UserReport questions. This allows you to see the performance of your different segments of users. For instance, do young people visit your website for longer time than old people?In the bottom of every table there is two different 'Totals'. 'All' is all the traffic on your website. 'Sample' only takes into account the users that answered the selected question. This is the total you can compare to your different segments.
    4. Acquisition. How does your users come to your website, and are there differences between different segments? With the Acquisition report you get the answers. 

      You can either look at it from the perspective of the isolated questions, so each question sums to 100 % or you can turn the table around and look at how each referrer or social channel performs in your different target groups.
    5. Goals. If you have defined goals in Google Analytics, you can see how well your different segments perform. 
    6. Ecommerce. Our dedicated report for e-commerce websites. Is it women or men that buy your products? And who is putting the most valuable product in the basket? This report will bring you the answers. 



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