Who pays for the prizes in the survey?

UserReport does! You don't have to do anything.

To encourage people to participate in the UserReport survey on your website, all respondents are invited to participate in a monthly prize draw conducted by UserReport. By the end of the survey the respondant is asked if he/she wants to participate in the price draw as a token of appreciation for the time spent taking the survey.

It's optional for the respondant to participate and UserReport contacts the winners directly, carries the cost of the prizes and takes care of all handling. The prizes include gift cards and the like.

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    Nelli Schubert Jensen

    Unfortunately it is not possible to disable the prize draw. The prize draw is included in the survey to encourage people to participate and avoid drop-outs. Numerous tests have shown that the survey conversion increases when there is a prize to win, so in order for our clients to get the most out of the survey the prize draw is mandatory.

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    Jacques Choquette

    can you disable the prize draw?

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