How to change status of an idea

When a website user posts an idea in your user Feedback Forum the idea automatically get's the status "posted".

But in order to let your users know what you think about an idea, if your are implementing it or not, UserReport let's you change the status of an idea. You can change the status to either:

  • Posted (default)
  • Being considered
  • Being implemented
  • Implemented
  • Rejected

To change the status of an idea, simply go to the "report menu" and choose "feedback forum". In your "feedback inbox" click on the idea you want to change the status of - and simply change the status as shown on the picture below - don't forget to press "save" at the bottom of the page when you're done.

Please note: When an idea is either "being implemented", is "implemented" or "rejected" it's no longer possible to vote for it. "Implemented" and "rejected" ideas are also moved to the "closed ideas" tab.



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