How to preview my online survey?

You can preview your online survey from either the survey editor or directly on your website. You can preview from the survey editor at any time - but only directly on your website if you have installed the UserReport script.

Preview in survey editor

Open the survey editor by navigating to Settings    Survey    Edit survey questions. Once in the survey editor, simply press the Preview survey button at the upper right hand corner of the editor.

Live version
Choose the live version if you want to see the survey the way your users will experience it. Due to the randomization of question each user will be asked a maximum of 20 question.

Full version
Choose the full version if you want to see all the questions in one survey experience.

Preview survey on your website

To force the survey to appear on your website, simply put ?__urp=test_invite after your website URL in the browser - like

This will open your website and force the survey to appear for testing purposes – if you have implemented the script correctly. Please note that the survey runs in demo-mode when forcing it to appear using this method. This means that answer won't be saved.

Please note: Even though you installed the UserReport script on your website you may not be able make the survey appear on your own website by just visiting the website. The reason for this may be that you are not inviting all visitors to take the survey but it's more likely, that you are in a "quarantine" and therefore don't get invited to participate in your own survey.



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