Comparison report

To help you interpret your satisfaction scores we developed the comparison report. The report shows you how well you're doing compared to other websites in your line of business (branch)*, your country or world wide. Beat your competitors and strive to the top.

Select time period and export or share the report
The report reflects the activity over the past month unless you choose another time period using the date range selector.

You may share your satisfaction comparison reports with others or export it to PDF by using the “Export / Share Report” option.

Compare 10 usability questions
The comparison report compares your score on the 10 default usability questions in the online survey. To take full advantage of the comparison report you should leave all 10 usability questions active in your survey.

Strive to the top
How well are you really doing compared to the competitors. Find out by checking out your rank by branch, country or world wide.

*To set your type of business (branch) navigate to "settings" and "compare".



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