Can users be invited more than one time?

Short answer is No
When your visitors interact with the UserReport system in one way or another by participating in surveys, completing questionnaires or maybe rejecting to participate - we use quarantine to ensure that their action(s) are respected.

The UserReport system operates with two different types of Quarantine-periods:

•  Global Quarantine
•  Local Quarantine

The concept revolves around respecting the user’s initial choice. If a visitor rejects to participate in a survey on a busy Friday afternoon on ‘website A’, they should not be offered the same survey 2 hours later on another website (‘website B’). Odds are that they still are very busy.

That is the reason we are operating with the concept 'Global Quarantine'. If we get in to peoples face 10 times every day - they will grow indifferent to the survey-invitations, and we will spoil the opportunity of engaging in a dialog with those visitors.

So we try hard to respect the visitors’ choice.

We are at the same time operating with several degrees of quarantine. Closing the survey-invitation window down is not as 'hard' a rejection as using the 'Reject' button.

We have 4 different types of actions:

•    Close invitation
•    Reject invitation
•    Accept invitation & abandon survey
•    Accept invitation & complete survey

Different actions results in different types of quarantines. The different lengths are based on our experience with minimizing the 'hassle' experienced by the users as much as possible and at the same time optimizing the answer-percentage.

Action Global Quarantine Local Quarantine
Close invitation 4 Weeks 6 Weeks
Reject invitation 10 Weeks 12 Weeks
Accept invitation & abandon survey 3 Weeks 4 Weeks
Accept invitation & complete survey 16 Weeks 26 Weeks

Is this a bullet proof method? Yes, in most cases. But there might be exceptions. The UserReport system might be prevented from setting its cookie if the user is surfing in "private mode" or "incognito mode". Also, if the UserReport cookie has been erased from the visitors browser when revisiting the site, another invitation to the survey might appear. However, this happens quite seldom as the UserReport system operates with both regular  and flash cookies as well as several other techniques that allow us to track returning users. Please note that all cookies (and hence quarantines) are browser centric.



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