How many clicks get registered?

300 clicks per day

The UserReport click map registers up to 300 click on a page per day. The 300 registered clicks are a random sample of all clicks on the page - This makes your click map very accurate without registering all clicks. During a one month period a page will be able track a maximum of about 9000 clicks (30 days X 300 clicks).

30-day view

A click map always contains clicks from the past 30 days (if you have used it for at least 30 days). This means that clicks registered eg. 3 months ago won't be part of the click map that you can see today. So viewing your click map will always give you a perfect picture of the current click pattern on your page.

Save click maps

If you wan't to save historic click maps (eg. for later comparison) you can choose to save a click map as a JPEG file or take a snapshot. Learn how to save click maps and take snapshots.



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