Filter Analytics data by survey question

The real strength of UserReport's integration to Google Analytics is the ability to filter your behavioral data from Google Analytics by the answers collected with your online survey. Filtering survey answers by Google Analytics data enables you to see how different kind of people with difference preferences and characteristics engage differently with your website.

To filter a report simply choose a question (all questions from your online survey are available) from the drop down as shown below.

Filtering easily lets you identify key target groups on your website and find out where these target groups come from. The example below shows how men and women have very different conversion rates in a webshop - in this example the women are the key target group as they have a much higher conversion rate than men.

Now, if you want to find out how to attract more women to your website, that's no problem either ...! Just go to the traffic sources report to explore which sources, keywords, social medias etc. are more popular among women.

Try it out yourself - the possibilities are almost endless!



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