Satisfaction Report

The satisfaction report is where you get an overview of what your visitors think of your website. The results in the report are based on the standard usability questions in the survey.

Select time period and export or share the report

The satisfaction report reflects the activity over the past month unless you choose another time period using the date range selector. You may share your reports with others or export the satisfaction report to PDF by using the “Export / Share Report” option.

Satisfaction scores

The website satisfaction slide show the satisfaction score of each of the usability questions in the survey. A score of 4 or above is usually considered to be good - but improvements can always be made.

Compare satisfaction over time

Measure how user satisfaction improves over time by checking "compare time periods".

Distribution of answers

This slide shows how the answers for each question is distributed.

Please note: If you have added additional usability questions to your survey they will not be shown in the satisfaction report but should be found in the "own questions report". If you have deactivated any of the usability questions in the survey no results are shown for those specific questions.



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