How to set up Click Tracking?

To start tracking clicks on your website you must decide which pages you want to track clicks on. You can track clicks on up to 10 pages at the same time.

To setup you click tracking navigate to the settings menu and press "Click Tracking". Press the green "add page" button to enter details about the page you want to track clicks on.

Then simply enter the full URL of the specific page you want to track click on. In the above picture we're setting up tracking on the frontpage of Notice that the URL are written in full length including http:// at the beginning and a "/" at the end. We have called the page "UserReport - Frontpage" to be able to easily identify it later on.

When you're done, press "save" to return to the click tracking settings menu which gives you and overview of the pages you are tracking clicks on.

From this menu you may change the settings, add, delete or view click maps at any time.



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