Setup Google Analytics integration

Notice that this guide only applies if you're NOT using Universal Analytics - if you don't know whether this is the case, please check out this Google article

  1. Login to your UserReport account
  2. Go to "Settings" -> "Google Analytics"
  3. Click the "Connect to Google" button
  4. Click the "Accept" button
  5. In the popup window - select the account and property you wish to sync with UserReport.
  6. When you're successfully connected, click "No" in the "Are you using Universal Analytics?" section. If you are using Universal Analytics you should follow this guide instead.
  7. If you'd like, you can transfer data from UserReport into Google Analytics. Just click the checkbox in the "Transfer data to Google Analytics' Custom Variables Keys'" section and select up to 5 survey questions. You can read more about UserReport data inside Google Analytics here
  8. Click save - that's it!



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