What is new in the Google Analytics 3.0 integration?

With our latest integration to Google Analytics (GA) we have added several new features and options.

  1. With the roll out of Universal Analytics in 2012 'dimensions' was introduced to replace 'variables' in GA. Variables is being deprecated so with the new integration we chose to migrate everybody to dimensions. This is done automatically regardsless of the version of GA script on your website
  2. By using dimensions and the latest release of GA's API, we can now help you transfer up to 19 questions to GA. And you can now even transfer your custom questions! Check out how in this guide.
  3. In our earlier integrations you had to create the dimensions manually in the GA interface. Now all you to do is just setup your account in our interface according to the guide. 
  4. Finally we also managed to vastly improve the speed of the GA reports in the UserReport reporting interface. Greatly need we must admit.




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