Prepare your Google Analytics account for UserReport data

For most people the integration is handled entirely through UserReport's setup tool and you don't need to do anything in Google Analytics. 

However, if you only have read-permissions to your Google Analytics account, you need to make some preparations before you can setup your integration.

The easiest thing would be for your account administrator to either do the UserReport setup for you or give you the required permissions to create dimensions in the Google Analytics account.

Alternatively, you ask your Google Analytics account administrator to prepare the necessary dimensions for you.

UserReport uses custom dimensions to send data about visitors to Google Analytics. These are normally created automatically on your behalf by UserReport.

You just need to do the following:

  1. Create custom dimension with name "UserReport internal" and scope = Session
  2. (Optional) Create custom dimensions for each of the variables you want to see individually in your Google Analytics account including custom questions. All dimensions must have Session scope.
  3. Go back to UserReport management interface and setup configuration using the dimensions you have created.




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