How to inline embed the Feedback Forum

By using a simple iframe, you can embed the Feedback Forum directly in your webpage - try a live demo. In general however, we recommend using the default integration, where the Feedback Forum opens up in a modal window on desktop, and displays as a fullpage app on tablet and mobile (this will ensure the best user experience across devices).

Get your iframe embed code

  1. Login to your UserReport account
  2. Go to Settings -> "Feedback Forum"
  3. Click the the "Advanced display options" section
  4. Include the iframe embed code in your webpage HTML

Basic example:

		<title>Website title</title>
		Submit your feedback in our forum below. Thanks for your input!
		<iframe width="100%" height="600" src="" style="background: #ffffff;" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Live example


You can further customize your iframe by using the following parameters in the iframe source url.

0 - hide close button
1 - show close button (used by default)

0 - hide logo
1 - show logo (used by default)

0 - hide report a bug form
1 - show report a bug form (used by default)



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