How to Merge Feedback Forum ideas?

Websites using the feedback button and forum from UserReport get lots of great ideas on how to improve their websites and online services. Sometimes the same great ideas even gets posted twice.

Similar ideas often get posted because users don't read all ideas in the Feedback Forum or because the user wants to describe the ideas differently than the 'original' idea on the subject. Therefore you may merge two or more similar ideas into one. The 'new' idea created by merging receives the total number of votes and comments from the original ideas.

Step by step guide

You merge ideas from the Feedback Forum admin area at your UserReport account.

  1. Press "Merge ideas" to see the full list of ideas that can be merged
  2. Check the box by the ideas that you want to merge into one
  3. Select from which of the selected ideas the title and description of the ideas should be used
  4. Edit the title and description if you want
  5. Press "merge" - That's it!

Please note: New ideas created by merging existing ideas into one receive the total number of votes from the original ideas. All comments from the 'old' ideas are also passed to the new idea.



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