What is the Online Survey?

The online survey from UserReport is a free of charge service that anyone can use to ask the visitors of their website questions. Once you have signed up to UserReport you can get our own survey on your website. Try a live test of the survey here.

Add your own questions

The survey contains some predefined questions about website usability and demographics (questions about gender, age, education etc. of the visitors). But it's also possible to add your own questions to the survey and deactivate the predefined questions. You may also customize the online survey to match the design of your website by adding your own logo and colors to the survey - you can do this in the "Customize" section.

Viewing the results

All answers to the survey are collectecd at your personal UserReport admin area and presented in easy-to-understand reports that can exported to PDF and other formats.

Read more about the online survey.



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