Drupal Plugin

An initiative to make a functional Drupal plugin for UserReport have been started by Lars (Thanks Lars). It is still in Alpha - but you are able to use and help finish/test or contribute to this plugin by downloading the Drupal plugin here.

If you would rather install the UserReport script to your Drupal website manually, please refer to the guide below.

Adding the UserReport script to a Drupal website manually

Before starting, make sure you have the PHP filter enabled in your 'modules' section. Now follow the steps one-by-one:

  • Login to your site Drupal site.
  • Select Administer -> Site Building -> Blocks -> Add Block.
  • Set the description of the new block to UserReport.
  • Leave the Title blank.
  • Paste the tracking code from UserReport into the Block Body.
  • Set the Input Format to PHP code
  • Scroll down and select Save Block

Next step

  • Select Administer -> Site Building -> Blocks.
  • In the list the new block UserReport you just created should appear (Region = None)
  • Now set the Region to be whatever is closest to the footer (left, right etc.)
  • Scroll down and select Save Block

That's it



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