No clicks registered on click map?

After adding Click Tracking to a webpage, you need to check-up on 4 things:

  1. Make sure your online survey is active. Click Tracking only works when the survey is also running.
  2. Make sure the tracking code is properly embedded on the page you are tracking. Our Click Tracking reports should display a warning if the tracking code is missing from the page in question.
  3. Make sure the URL you entered is correct. Very often the front page of your website is not named but or similar. To make sure you got the right URL, go to your browser, enter the URL you want to track and load the page in your browser. Now, look at the URL in the address-bar. Did the browser add or change anything in the URL? In that case, this is the URL you need to use when configuring Click Tracking.
  4. Third and last thing you need is a bit of patience. We don't track all users - that would amount to a tremendous amount of clicks and actions every day. We only sample a random probability sample - So It will probably take a day or two before you have loads of data in your Click Tracking report.



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