Managing invitation rules through Ad-server

You may want more flexibility during making decision if user needs to be invited to UserReport survey. There are few scenarios when it is applicable:

  • You run another overlay tool and you want to avoid invitation clash
  • You want to decide when users needs to be invited
  • You want to decide who needs to be invited

It is easy to achieve:

  • Ask your account manager to turn-off default invitation behavior. Now, users will be not invited unless you call JavaScript API to invite user
    window.audienceProjectLayer = window.audienceProjectLayer || [];
  • It is recommended to set invitation frequency to 100% to make sure that user will be invited when you call this JavaScript API
  • Deploy invitation invoke code through Ad-server using Custom HTML creative type delivered in Friendly iFrame.

Creative code is

(function(w) {
  w.audienceProjectLayer = w.audienceProjectLayer || [];
})( || ||;



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